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Located in Chicago, Illinois, PPE Plus is a privately held manufacturer specifically dedicated to the production of American-made PPE products. The company's 18,000 square foot factory opened in 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been fully operational ever since.  Owned and operated by sister company Welmed Inc., PPE Plus supplies FDA-approved products to hospital systems, government agencies and outpatient surgery centers nationwide. 

Facts About PPE Plus​

  • PPE Plus is located in a federally designated HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.  The factory almost exclusively employs workers from the hyper-local community.

  • Experienced Leadership Team with 25+ Years In Healthcare and Quality Manufacturing

  • Current Capacity to Produce 2,000,000 Items Per Month

  • FDA Registered and FDA Approved Products

  • SAM Segistered

  • 100% USA-Made 

  • Berry Compliant.

  • PPE Plus’ sister-company, Welmed Inc., is a leading manufacturer of disposable operating room products including Surgical Drapes and Gowns, Equipment Covers, PPE and more.

  • PPE Plus is located at 2414 W. Cullerton Ave. in Chicago. 


Tye Bell, Plant Manager 

Engaged in the PPE Plus start-up from its inception in May of 2020, Tye is the Plant Manager at PPE Plus. Tye has over 20 years of experience in management at manufacturing businesses including the manufacturing of Thermal Plastics, Rotational Molding and Steel industries to name a few. As a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from the University of North Carolina, quality, process development and improvement has been key and Tye has built a solid manufacturing foundation for PPE Plus. “It has been my career dream to start and successfully grow a manufacturing business. It is so exciting to see our growth from 4 employees (our owners) to now 85 employees and growing daily”, says Tye. Tye continued to state, “As a community-based company, with many youthful employees inexperienced in working in a manufacturing environment, our training program has been instrumental in our success.” Tye is a US Army Combat War Veteran with a Degree in Manufacturing Management.

Key PPE Plus Responsibilities include:

  • PPE Plus Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Operations & Training

  • Process Improvements

  • Logistics

Joe Klomes, CPA, President & Owner Partner

Joe Klomes, also engaged in PPE Plus from the inception, is the President and a Owner Partner at PPE Plus. Joe also serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Welmed Inc., PPE Plus’ sister company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Joe brings wealth of knowledge in Finance, Accounting, Operations and Systems from his 30+ years of global experience across both food and healthcare industries.

“Given the supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 in early 2020 and the opportunity to be involved in the development of a US Manufacturer for Personal Protective Equipment, it was an easy decision”, says Joe. As the CFO with Welmed since 2016, and his experience with such powerhouse manufacturing brands such as Azteca Foods and The Pillsbury Company, Joe is proud to drive such exponential growth in such a few short months while delivering quality products. Joe is a Certified Public Accountant and holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Finance and Accounting. 

Key PPE Plus Responsibilities include:

  • Overall PPE Plus Operations

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Systems & Security

Tan Jie, Secretary, Quality, Regulatory & Owner Partner

As an early contributor within the disposable medical supply industry, Tan Jie understands the complete process of taking a product from a concept to a finished product to protect healthcare personnel on the front lines every day. Tan Jie serves as the Secretary for PPE Plus and ensures all of PPE Plus products produced meet the strict Manufacturing, Quality and Regulatory guidelines. Tan Jie is also the Majority Owner and CEO at Welmed Inc., PPE Plus’s sister company. Tan Jie also leads Quality and Regulatory Departments. “I so proud to achieve such high-quality standards at Welmed, where quality complaints are 1 in 1 million, and now I can deliver quality products, for our trusted customers at PPE Plus,” says Tan Jie. Tan Jie’s experience in the healthcare industry goes well beyond Welmed with over 10 years in Quality at Medline Industries. “My years of experience as a Quality Inspector has made me a compassionate and effective manager for quality operations at both PPE Plus and Welmed, something of which I am very proud", says Tan Jie.

Key PPE Plus Responsibilities include:

  • Manufacturing Specifications & Inspections

  • Quality & Regulatory

Dave Fliss, CEO & Owner Partner

As CEO and Owner Partner at PPE Plus, Dave has led the team from initial conception to production in just a few short months. Dave’s deep understanding of the medical supply industry goes back to the late 70’s and certainly helped fuel his decision to found PPE Plus. “The continual evolution of the healthcare industry is a given and thankfully, I have been with organizations who have adapted and

succeeded in transforming to the changing times”. In 2020, with COVID-19, international dependence within the supply chain and unprecedented raw material shortages, it was enough to motivate Dave and his Owner Partners to meet the new customer needs with PPE Plus. “I always envisioned having a manufacturing footprint in the US (with US made raw materials), specifically in my beloved hometown city of Chicago. What has been most rewarding is supporting the community by hiring local talent from the area (a federally designated HUBZone) and training the team on best practices within manufacturing”, says Dave. Tan Jie and Dave also own and operate another local Chicago business, Welmed Inc. (, which was founded in 2006. Dave’s healthcare experience includes Medline Industries, International MedSurg Connection and now Welmed and PPE Plus. Dave has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northern Illinois University in Finance and Computer Science.

Key PPE Plus Responsibilities include:

  • Strategic Leadership, Planning & Partnerships

  • Sourcing

  • Business Development

  • Advertising & Marketing

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